Thermography to support inspection activities

15 June 2020

Today, thanks to thermographic technology, it is possible to inspect and control high and low voltage systems, turbines, compressors and other electrical and mechanical equipment with precision and efficiency. Field technicians can scan pumps, process valves, storage tanks and motors to ensure that equipment is in perfect, well-functioning and profitable condition. In addition, today thermal imaging cameras are a valuable ally for the protection of health and guarantee a first line of defense through rapid screening.

How to use thermal imaging technology?

Simply connect the thermal imaging camera to the chosen device (Tablet, Mobile, Head-Mounted-Display) and take advantage of the features made available by SPACE1.

What are the applications areas where I may adopt thermal imaging cameras?

  • Seize the initial signs of failure
  • Diagnose the source of the problem
  • Inspect overheating of a component
  • Diagnose a defective valve
  • Detect energy leaks

Ensure a first line of defense with rapid screening

Especially in areas with high traffic such as airports, seaports, offices and in other areas subject to crowds, thermal cameras are forming the first line of defense for public health organizations and industries. Thanks to SPACE1, it is now possible to start a screening to detect people with high level body temperature.

Find out how to take advantage of thermographic technology in the field, request a product demo!

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