Artificial Intelligence driving and boosting technicians’ operations

21 December 2020

December 21, 2020 – This year has posed many challenges for business and caused rapid digitization and adaptations to keep workers safe and communities running. To better support frontline workers as well as end-customers SPACE1 has introduced new features in the 3.1 product release.

SPACE1’s combined Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality move a step forward in the 3.1 release, continuing to enable workers and enhance interactions for collaboration. The new features make remote support, virtual training, and work-order debriefing even easier. 

The hardware agnostic software is user friendly and reliable working both on and offline. The latest release features can be seen in the following areas:

  • Worker Assistant
  • Virtual remote intervention
  • Extended Training

Worker Assistant

Worker Assistant in SPACE1 3.1

The further introduction of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms is meant to be used by frontline workers for making better decisions by analyzing huge amounts of data. The main goal is not only to superimpose tools and information (documents, materials, spare parts…) to enable technicians, but also to provide them with “Just-in-time Knowledge”, right while performing field jobs. Powered by AI, Computer Vision, and IoT integration, SPACE1 3.1 further automates the task debriefing process. This aids workers in completing tasks quicker, while building a knowledge bank for their organization. 

Virtual Remote Interventions

Virtual remote interventions in SPACE1 3.1

To ensure employees and customers safety, the latest SPACE1 product release has enhanced even further the collaboration functionalities that can be started quickly and easily by sending the customer an SMS or email for them to access the call right from their mobile phone or tablet. Technicians can interact easier with end-customers by having preliminary virtual calls to determine quotations, troubleshooting, or assess materials needed for on-site work, thus ensuring employees and customers safety, while granting service continuity and increasing savings.

Extended Training

Extended Training in SPACE1 3.1

SPACE1 3.1 features enhanced functionalities are aimed at streamlining virtual training configuration and execution. The product allows the automatic creation of lessons and procedures by indexing videos, powered by AI. Extended training is now optimized for multiple users, for them to interact with mentors and team members and improving safety conditions, making it easier for onboarding in a dispersed team environment. 

The new innovative features utilizing Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in SPACE1 better equip B2B and B2C clients to work successfully in a collaborative and virtual manner.

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