Rail Cargo Carrier powered by SPACE1

17 February 2020

Augmented Reality combined with Artificial Intelligence to reshape and optimize Field processes in logistics, for the resources to continue empowering their skills and enhance their productivity, while streamlining the debriefing process and the sharing of know-how.

Business challenge

Rail Cargo Carrier has been into cross-border rail transportation since 2006, giving a major contribution to the entire international logistics chain, by cooperating with the production units belonging to this group and based in Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechia and Hungary. Interaction among all involved parties is essential to ensure safety standards on cargo trains.

The goal for Rail Cargo Carrier is to enable its field operators, in charge of logistic tasks, to safely eliminate risks when carrying out routine inspections on cargo trains. This translates into collecting and processing multimedia information in the form of dynamic reports, as to cut down possible costs due to gaps in cargo quality standards.


To this purpose, Rail Cargo chose SPACE1, which combines Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to implement reshaped and optimized Field processes. In this specific case, SPACE1 allows technicians to perform their inspections hands-free, ensuring the highest safety and production standards regardless of the working conditions, while supporting skill-development and simplifying the process for managing and sharing the know-how.


  • Standardized inspection procedures based on preset checklists and digital workflow, for step-by-step support to inspectors in data collection
  • Working under the highest safety standards and in any weather conditions thanks to Augmented Reality and (to) a voice interaction device, for performing tasks in hands-free mode
  • Real-time compilation of digital reports on field
  • Automated data acquisition through OCR readers
  • Background video recording of the inspection and automated saving with metadata tagging on cloud, to handle possible complaints and train new resources
  • Real-time remote support by experts

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