Thanks to the large availability of parameterizations and standard connectors for the integration with any company systems (ERPs, CAD, GIS, IoT platforms), SPACE1 is a solution allowing quick and easy implementation. This, in addition to the many options available in terms of Operating Systems and types of devices to be possibly chosen (smartphones, tablets, Head-mounted displays), ensures the highest flexibility to the companies when introducing Augmented Reality in different processes.

Technical Specifications


SPACE1 is a multiplatform solution, compatible with the main smartphones and tablets on the market (iOS, Android, Windows), and with Head-mounted displays, such as smartglasses (Microsoft HoloLenses, Epson Moverio, …) and Virtual Reality headsets (Samsung Gear VR, …).

It all starts with a click

SPACE1 provides high parameterization standards, which allow the fast implementation of projects in the given areas of expertise. The experience gained on different business processes is contained in the default templates and in a repository of 3D objects, which is constantly updated. Furthermore, the features and the data provided can be customized to meet the needs and roles of each specific user.

Complete integration with the company systems

SPACE1 is provided with standard connectors for integrating with company systems such as ERPs, CAD and GIS systems, IoT platforms and Field Service Management solutions.

Offline functioning

SPACE1 can work in offline mode as well, thus supporting the activity of those users working in unreliable network environments.

Available on Cloud

SPACE1 provides a Web App for its configuration, available both on Cloud and on-premise.


Each App developed with SPACE1 is available for smartglasses, too. Voice inputs and gestures allow to interact with the interface, leaving the user with free hands.

SPACE1 is a solution which never stops developing, keeping up with the latest technological innovations provided by the market.


Automatic recognition of objects

SPACE1 provides advanced functionalities aimed at the automatic recognition of objects. After its configuration, the App can recognize real objects during the operational procedures, look for the related 3D model in the company repository and provide the user with any virtual manipulation functions useful to support his activities.

Consultation of multimedia contents linked to the objects

Photos, technical documents and audio contents can be associated to any virtual objects, thus contributing to enhance the user experience and improving skills and Work & Health Safety standards.

Visualization and manipulation of virtual objects

Thanks to SPACE1, objects can be displayed in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, this depending on the device chosen, and managed through:

  • Position in the environment
  • Reshaping
  • Rotation
  • Animation of the entire object or of some elements, only
  • Selection of single components
  • Display of guided procedures for dismantling and replacement
  • “Walk through”, for simulating the user’s movement

Guided execution of virtual workflows

SPACE1 manages the guided execution of virtual workflows, that is hierarchical procedures representing the set of operations to be executed. These operations can be associated to:

  • Location of the work to be executed and detailed procedure
  • Execution time and possible results
  • Multimedia contents
  • 3D virtual objects and related animations

Editing and redlining

It is possible to create virtual notes in text, voice or image format, that can be linked to given objects or workflows.

Interactions through gestures and voice inputs

SPACE1 increases the interactive experience with the wearable devices through gestures and voice inputs, thus allowing users to keep their hands free while carrying out their activities.

Remote assistance

Bring the assistance to users to a whole new level by sharing one’s point of view with that of other company operators. If any doubts arise on how to carry out a given operational procedure, SPACE1 allows you to keep in touch with your company to exchange information and receive multimedia support in every situation.

Virtual collaboration

The evolution of cooperative activities: SPACE1 allows to share in real time holographic models, virtual information and audio/video streaming with the back-office operators and the other users on field.

Integration Layer

SPACE1 provides a set of tools to integrate with external applications, to receive the activities requiring execution and to report the completed ones. This tool makes it possible to integrate with on field IoT devices or with external devices too, thus increasing the accuracy standards in terms of object positioning.