AR-driven collaboration and remote assistance


Field service technicians often get in situations where they find themselves unfamiliar with a specific asset, forcing service organizations to send more experienced technicians to the remote worksite where a certain level of expertise is needed. However, this approach becomes onerous, tedious, and therefore inefficient.


Using SPACE1, service organizations can empower field technicians with Augmented, Mixed, & Virtual Reality, allowing them to handle the most complex maintenance and repair tasks. Through an AR-enabled device, field technicians can exploit a set of preconfigured resolution procedures and dedicated on-demand expert guidance, overlayed on their own real world.

Virtual Collaboration to support Maintenance

SPACE1 enables field workers to collaborate with remote experts leveraging augmented reality. Remote experts can view exactly what a technicians is seeing and share their knowledge and expertise as if they were standing on site. Either can place annotations and share multimedia content, providing rich context and eliminating confusion.

ABS – Innovative player in the international steel industry

  • Virtual support to technicians, provided in real time by the operations center

  • Advanced sharing of multimedia contents supporting task execution

  • Remote training and minimization of staff displacements within the plant

  • Reduction of intervention times and increase of first time fixes

  • 100% hands-free device, compatible with PPE and suitable for noisy industrial environments

An all-in-one solution, delivering proven benefits

Increase in
first time fix rate

Improve in remote resolution rate

Enhance in
techniciansā€™ productivity

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