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Users visiting our site can rely on our constant commitment in the protection and respect of their privacy. This information describes our procedures in processing the personal data collected through cookies when using this site.
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We here inform you that this Information may be subject to further updates, according to modifications in the European and nationals regulations concerning this subject and we therefore invite you to regularly visit this page in order to make sure that you agree with such modifications.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files storing information on your hard disk or on the browser you use. Cookies work as the memory of a website, allowing it to recognize your device at every following visit.
Cookies make it easier to store your preferences regarding the website and, tracking your browsing habits, allow us to customize it in order to further improve its features and global usability.

Types of cookie: session cookies and persistent cookies

The site can either rely on the use of session cookies, which last as long as the single browsing session is active and are erased when closing the browser, or on persistent cookies, having longer duration and outlasting the browser session, even though they are equally subject to deletion after an established period of time.

Why do we use cookies?

Google Analytics: these cookies are used to collect anonymous information from our site regarding: number of visits, duration of visits, geographic region of the user, connection technology used and browsing language, thus allowing us to improve the site usability.
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Manage cookies options

Browser settings can easily allow you to refuse and disable cookies and to erase all the cookies currently saved in your computer.
Please notice that changing the cookies settings on the browser may cause the loss of some functionalities and limit the website usability.
Select the browser you are currently using among those listed below, to view the instructions to change cookies settings

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Select “Preferences” from the drop-down menu in the up-right corner. Select the item “Protection” to set the cookies.
For further enquiries concerning the protection of your personal data or the use of cookies in our website, please do contact us at before starting browsing.

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