AWE Augmented World Expo

29th - 31st May 2019
Santa Clara (CA) - USA

AWE (Augmented World Expo) is the world’s leading AR and VR conference and expo, with annual dates in the USA, Asia and Europe. The 10th edition of the event will take place in the USA in Santa Clara on May 29-May 31, 2019. At AWE, there will be opportunities to experience and try SPACE1 Extended Field Solution in a variety of different use-cases. Here are the why you should visit the booth to get a deeper look at the use-cases SPACE1 Extended Field Solution has to offer.

First of all users by visiting booth #730 at AWE, will get the chance to see how using SPACE1, service organizations can empower field technicians with Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality, allowing them to handle the most complex maintenance and repair tasks. Through an AR-enabled device, field technicians can exploit a set of preconfigured resolution procedures and dedicated on-demand expert guidance, overlayed on their own real world.

Visitors will wear immersive visors to experience the safety and security that comes from replicating training and on the job activities without risk of injury. Both Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality can improve company’s training programs, guarantee safety and reduce costs in the long run.

Moreover visitors will experience the power of receiving data in real-time in every-day industrial and business environments. Through wearing a Mixed Reality Headset, users will be able to interact with a 3D mine hologram and collaborate with other users located anywhere in the world. Within this, users will be able to see the data that can be generated in real-time from physical objects thanks to IoT connection. For example, within the hologram users will be able to see trucks moving, including their load and other vital information. The instant access to real-time data will be demonstrated as well as the advantages of having this information on an ongoing basis.

Finally users can see live ongoing demonstrations of how SPACE1 can improve maintenance operations along with remote support and collaboration capabilities. SPACE1 hardware agnostic solution allows to perform maintenance activities, solve tasks in mobility, and carry out proactive maintenance. Demonstrations will show just how maintenance costs can be reduced by preventing downtime.

Would you like to meet our team at AWE USA? Please send an email to or stop by our booth #730.

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