Virtual support to sales activities

The solution runs on tablets thus allowing the salesforce to always have the products catalog at hand and making the most of virtual technologies to display, customize and manipulate any possible objects.
  • Full management of virtual products catalogs
  • Display and virtual manipulation of objects within their environments
  • Virtual customization of features and settings
  • Comparison of different virtual products
  • Integration with CRM systems to manage orders

Presentation of non-transportable products

The solution, running either on tablets and on HMDs, makes it possible for salesmen to show features and functioning of large machineries, plants or products which are hard to transport.
  • Display of the final machinery
  • Virtual manipulation of the 3D model
  • Available extras and customization options
  • Machinery positioning in different areas and environments
  • Functioning preview

Virtual scale model

The solution, running either on tablets and on HMDs, provides virtual scale model view of buildings and major works, and allows to present catalogs of real estate projects.
  • Indoor and outdoor navigation of the virtual model
  • Display of the final look of the building
  • Virtual manipulation of the structure’s 3D model
  • Display of the details regarding the building