• Augmented Collaboration

    AR combined to AI to take collaboration to the next level

  • Augmented Collaboration

    Improve quality assurance by providing augmented, guided work instructions

  • Augmented Collaboration

    Showcase your expertise and products through collaboration

  • Augmented Collaboration

    Engage subject matter experts with relevant expertise in a specialized job, task, or skill

  • Augmented Collaboration

    Accelerate ramp up times for new workers, narrowing the skill gap

  • Augmented Collaboration

    Enable organizational learning and knowledge transfer

  • Augmented Collaboration

    Empower frontline workforce with hands-free vocal collaboration

  • Augmented Collaboration

    Drive productivity, safety and quality improvements

The world’s first collaboration
product combining Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Powered by state of the art AR, Knowledge Management features and AI, SPACE1 enables organizations with a fully collaborative solution to present any
product, train staff, troubleshoot and rapidly resolve, in safety conditions, any task.

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Connecting AR to business value

Increase in remote resolution rate

Boost in technicians’ productivity

Reduce in on-the-job training times

Knowledge Management in Rail Industry

Watch the video to learn how SPACE1 allows Rail Cargo’ technicians to perform their inspections hands-free, ensuring the highest safety and production standards regardless of the working conditions, while supporting skill-development and simplifying the process for managing and sharing the know-how.

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